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Anita Sieff is an internationally known artist who focuses on relational
art and how it influences social representation. In 1996 she conceived "Guggenheim Public", a creative
convivial dialogue between artists,
scientists and authors at the
Guggenheim Museum in Venice. She resides in New York City and Venice, Italy, her work is rooted in understanding the nature of love and its role in human relationships. Anita speaks Italian, German and English.

Guia Camerino

In 2012, Guia Camerino, with a PhD in History of Contemporay Architecture from Venice University, conceived the project “Orto delle Vignole”. She re-created the natural environment of the island Vignole by cultivating artichokes. Her latest project is to renovate the ancient armory once used by the Venetians as a weapons depot and later by her grandmother Roberta Camerino for her fashion shows. Combining nature and culture La Polveriera is a magical place in the heart of the Venetian Lagoon.

Pietro Rusconi

Of dual American and Italian background, Pietro Rusconi has over fifteen years of experience in the worlds of Luxury, Communications, and PR. With a bachelor's degree in iInternational Relations form Georgetown University, and a Master Degree in Hotellerie from the Glion Instititute for Higher Education in Switzerland, Pietro spent an important part of his career in Hospitality as a fourth generation hotelier. He has held several senior management positions such as the Bauer, the San Servolo, the Hilton and Starwood in Venice. Pietro lives in Venice, and has recently become an independent consultant in PR, Marketing, and Hospitality.  

Hugues Legallais

Hugues Legallais lives and works in Venice. He has been raised speaking French, German, Italian, and English and loves traveling  for business as much as for leisure. He inherited the palazzo Contarini Michiel from his grandfather who was the ambassador of Luxembourg in Washington for almost 20 years. Before working in Washington, he lived in Tokyo where he collected oriental art, that he used to decorate the property he transformed, making it a perfect place to host all his foreign friends. During the recent restoration of the wonderful palazzo with 5 suites, he achieved to maintain  its cosmopolitan, eclectic and welcoming  atmosphere.

Nicolas Lauzeral

Nicolas Lauzeral is a French
architect who has lived in Venice since 2005. He is passionate about secret
Venetian Gardens. "In this landscape completely shaped throughout centuries by human talent, gardens are green caskets mounted in the maze of the city roads. Often hidden from the traveler's gaze, in time they have retained all their beauty and poetry". Nicolas speaks French, Italian and English.

Marco Ferraris

Marco Ferraris is currently
the Exhibition Manager at Palazzo Grassi and Punta della Dogana in Venice. After graduating from the Accademia of Fine Arts in Venice he spent many years traveling as an artist-in-residence. Upon his return to Venice he became Chief Curator at the Bevilacqua La Masa Foundation, a position he held for ten years. He is interested in sharing the intense meaning of Contemporary Art. Marco speaks Italian, French, English and Portuguese.

Donata Grimani

Donata Grimani was born into one of the oldest Venetian families, who were among the founders of Venice and who gave three doges to the Republic. She lives on the top floor of Palazzo Grimani, the family palace on the Grand Canal at San Tomà,
where she likes to entertain old friends
and new visitors. Donata loves to create tailor-made itineraries in Venice and its mainland and speaks Italian, French and English.

Natasha Bordiglia

Natasha Bordiglia graduated in Art History at the University of Bologna. She worked with the Guggenheim Museum in Venice and with several artists including Marina Abramovic. While she was living in London she worked for The Anthony Wilkinson Gallery and after moving to Venice in 2000 she became a free-lance curator. Since 2008 she has taught Art History in Venice and works for the Venice Biennale collateral events. Natasha speaks Italian, French and English.