rediscovering Venice


Pursuit of beauty is common to all participators and where better than amidst the un-common beauty and magic of the Venetian lagoon. To satisfy that aim, two general sensorially gratifying formulas serve as points of departure. 
One focusing on the Arts and the other on Cuisine and Nature, are proposed to individual participants:

With focus on Contemporary, Old Master and Ancient Art, Architecture, Applied and Decorative Arts. Possibly to include guided visits to the Biennale (when in season), museum collections and special exhibitions, major or off the map architectural sites, artisan studios, restoration sites etc 

With focus on exploring the culinary and enological traditions of the Archipelago and its unique, delicate ecosystem. Possibly to include guided visit to Rialto markets, the lagoon's orchard, fishermen's and more remote outer islands, on-site cooking lesson, local wine and spirit sampling, visits to local popular festivals, bird watching, survey of traditional Venetian boats, tour of Venice's renowned bacari, etc.